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OrcaCore is a website that publishes practical and useful out-of-the-box articles for aspirants like you. We seek to present exceptional, remarkable tips, tutorials, and resources that the professional will appreciate.

OrcaCore was started on 10th July 2021 by technical professionals. All the articles and contents are written by talented professionals around the globe, keeping high importance on the quality, comprehensiveness, and usefulness that goes into each of the articles published.

Our Teams

We, as a team want to share our IT skills and experience through our website which may assist to formulate a task easily. It has been seen that most Linux-related resources, Windows, VMware products, etc. on the web are either too detailed, too ambiguous, or wrong. There are many excellent articles on specific topics, but they were usually part of a general interest publication, and information on related topics on the same site is sometimes hard to find.

Our mission

This website tries to increase the technical information of beginner to advanced users by publishing useful content on the Internet. We have tried our best to publish the most unique, important, and complete content using experts so that the users who use our posts get the best results.

We hope that we can take steps towards increasing the knowledge of users and we ask you to introduce our site to all friends and users who are looking for helpful information in the field of Linux, Windows, security, network, etc. so that everyone can make the best use of it. Get the best content from our site to your needs.