about orcacore

About OrcaCore

OrcaCore is a website which tries to provide useful IT Pro Tutorials in various fields of technology and different operating systems to its users such as Linux, Windows, Security, Network and etc. Since Technology is growing so fast and it is getting more complicated every day, sometimes it is kind of hard to be along with this fast growing Technology. So for those who are interested in IT skills OrcaCore is here to response to your needs as a learning platform.
Our Beginning
Orcacore was started on 10th July 2021 by IT professionals. Each of these IT people have valuable experience in different fields and try to create useful tutorials, tips and guides for you. Leaving aside the topic of introducing Orcacore, it is better to start with useful explanations about the website itself and the contents produced by it, so that you become more familiar with it.
What’s OrcaCore Mission?
Orcacore content is currently divided into three main sections, which are: Linux Tutorials, Windows Tutorials, and Security Tutorials.
Linux tutorials

Linux Tutorials

Today, Linux distributions are used for various purposes such as web servers, VPN services, etc., and therefore need to be trained and use a suitable resource for each user provided by Orcacore. Orcacore tries to produce free Linux tutorial contents to teach users on the Internet for free so that users can install, configure and use their desired service using the instructions mentioned in the contents without the need for special knowledge. Linux tutorials on this website has been produced for different distributions of Debian, Centos, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, etc., and we have tried to prioritize various and quality services so that users can take advantage of them.
Windows tutorials

Windows Tutorials

Another important educational part of this website is the complete Windows tutorials along with the visual contents. In this category of tutorials, we tried to teach all the high-consumption services on the Internet, as well as some popular and installable software along with pictures. In this category, there are all the services related to Windows Server and it is designed to be used by beginners to professionals. There are also many articles and training content for Windows Client for beginners and professionals.
Security Tutorials

Security Tutorials

One of the most important categories of tutorials on the Orcacore website is security tutorial, which is provided in several sections for all operating systems. The items in this section are related to increasing security, installation and settings of anti-malware, antivirus, etc., and users can increase the security of their service or server by viewing any of these tutorials.
It is mentioned in this website that soon all the tutorials related to virtualization, block chain, etc. will be added. Despite these cases, it can be said that this website will try its best in various educational fields so that users can use its quality content for free.

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