Advanced Linux

On the advanced Linux tutorials page, you can see the contents related to advanced configuration, installation, and post-installation of services in the full guide. These articles are most useful for Advanced Linux users and Administrators. Every Advanced user must get to know the more complicated configs and installations. This page will here to help advanced users.

The Orcacore team has divided Linux tutorials into two basic and advanced sections, but this does not mean that beginners or professionals should go for each of these categories.

We tried to create these two sections based on how to set up, the level of basic expertise, or the needs of people for services so that you can reach your desired content much faster.

What do you see on the advanced Linux training page?

On Advanced Linux tutorials, you will see advanced tutorials related to different Linux distributions, installation of special and advanced services, specialized configuration of services, troubleshooting, and optimization of services at an advanced level.

Every basic installation service needs a configuration to be accessible and much more to do. So you can check this page on advanced training to improve your skills and make your needed configuration.

You can see the Advanced Linux tutorials related to Linux distributions on this page:

  1. – Centos
  2. – Debian
  3. – Ubuntu
  4. – Almalinux
  5. – Rocky Linux

It has been tried to make all the advanced tutorials related to the distributions mentioned in this section accessible and also be of the necessary quality as well as practical.

In the future, other Linux distributions will also be available according to user requests so that we can prepare a complete and flawless reference for Linux fans.

How are the Advanced Linux tutorials in this section published?

All advanced Linux tutorials have been prepared and published practically.

Orcacore experts have fully checked and tested each instruction and instruction and verified the accuracy of each instruction.

In these tutorials, we have tried to avoid exaggeration, and the instructions and commands go very practically so that users can quickly achieve their desired results.

But you have to remember that all the things mentioned in all the tutorials are important, and you have to do the mentioned instructions one by one in order to complete to get the full result.

Also, in the comments section, you can express your questions, requests, or problems so that they can be explained to you in the same section and be useful for other users.

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