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Windows is a powerful operating system that Microsoft has published for many years. Accordingly, educational articles related to the Windows operating system have been published on the Windows tutorials page for you by the Orcacore team.

Microsoft Windows has a large ecosystem and includes Windows Client, Windows Server, etc. As their names suggest, Windows Server is intended for servicing and installation on servers, and Windows Client is intended for installation, and the use of users is considered.

What do you see on the Windows Tutorials page?

The content published by the Orcacore on the Windows Tutorials page includes educational content related to Windows services, tools, and software, Windows roles, and features, from installation to basic to advanced settings.

windows tutorials

What Windows are the contents of this page related to?

On the Windows Tutorials page, you can see the contents related to Windows Server and Windows Client mentioned below:

  1. Windows 10
  2. Windows 11
  3. Windows Server 2019
  4. Windows Server 2022

Of course, some software and tools are not related to a specific version of Windows, and we tried to teach you about them in this section.

Windows 10

windows 10 on windows tutorials page

Windows 10 was introduced and released by Microsoft in 2015. After its introduction, this version of Windows was greatly welcomed by Windows users and fans, and due to the major changes it had in terms of functionality and appearance, it became one of Microsoft’s successes.

On the Windows Tutorials page, you will see a lot of content about Setup, configuration, tips, and tricks related to Windows 10.

Windows 11

windows 11 tutorials on windows tutorials by Orcacore

Windows 11 was introduced after the success of Windows 10 in 2021. This version of Windows also had many changes with it, and due to the major changes in the core of this operating system, as well as the increase in security in some very important cases that were accompanied by Windows versions for years, it has been able to achieve great success until today. Of course, due to the restrictions that exist for installing Windows 11 on some old processors, it was only seen on some PCs. If like Windows 10, these restrictions are removed, a new revolution may occur in all old laptops and old PCs. and all users may migrate to Windows 11 because of its beautiful appearance.
On the Windows Tutorials page, the Orcacore team has tried to publish content related to settings, configuration, and useful tricks related to Windows 11 for users, along with images and videos.

Windows Server 2019 tutorials by

Windows Server 2019

Microsoft introduced Windows Server 2019 in late 2018 for servers. This Windows was the updated version of Windows Server 2016 that was introduced along with Windows 10. One of the great advantages of this version is its smaller volume and improved speed and efficiency compared to its previous version.
As the name suggests, Windows Server is designed and produced for use in servers and servicing and is generally not used for personal or user use.
On the Windows Tutorials page, you will see the materials related to installation, initial setup, configuration, and other settings related to the roles and features of Windows Server, as well as the installation and configuration training of many server software designed and produced on this page.

Windows Server 2022 tutorials by

Windows 2022

Windows Server 2022 was introduced and released in August 2021, along with Windows 11. Microsoft launched this version of Windows Server with major changes in the core. Microsoft claimed that it had made significant progress compared to previous versions in terms of security as well as the quality of performance of roles and features.
Of course, the speed of performance, the smaller version of the services, the increased efficiency of PowerShell in this version, and the various updates that can be seen on the roles and features are undeniable, and can be considered as a powerful Windows server.
Because the Orcacore team tries to publish the best practical content in the field, it publishes educational content in the field of installation, configuration, and various tips and tricks for Windows Server 2022.

How are the contents on the Windows tutorials page produced and published?

All the contents on the Windows Tutorials for all versions of Windows have been tested and checked by the Orcacore team and tried to be published step by step, along with images or videos.
The accuracy of publishing content is very important to us, so all our efforts are to publish the best content in terms of practicality and usefulness for you.

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