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Linux tutorials by orcacore

One of the most popular operating systems for servers and clients is Linux. On this page, The Orcacore team has tried to prepare a list of all Linux tutorial contents for you, which is published on Orcacore.

Linux has different distributions, some of which are more focused on providing services and some of which are more focused on client-oriented installation and use.

On the Linux practical tutorials page, you will learn how to install, prepare, and configure different services, software, and distributions.

All the efforts of the Orcacore team are to produce practical, comprehensive, and useful content for you so that you get the best result.

What do you see on Linux Tutorials?

All educational content related to Linux that is published on the Orcacore website can be seen on this page, and of course, we tried in two groups, Basic and Advanced.

What Linux distributions are the contents of this page related to?

All new popular and useful distributions are covered on the Linux Tutorials page. The distributions used in these are:

  1. CentOS
  2. AlmaLinux
  3. Rocky Linux
  4. Debian
  5. Ubuntu

Centos - Linux How to


CentOS is one of the most popular distributions and, of course, popular among Linux administrators, which has had a special place among them for years. In Centos, you can install most of the services and software and use them in the best way.

Almalinux - Linux tutorials


Almalinux is another distribution that is based on RHEL and was created by Cloudlinux company after the announcement of RedHat’s lack of support for CentOS. This distribution is one of the most important distributions that started working in 2022, along with several other distributions, and was also welcomed by Linux fans. This distribution is now one of the choices of Linux administrators who launch web services and web servers or who plan to use panels such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc.

Rocky linux - Linux how to learn

Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is another distribution that was started by one of the people active in the Centos project after the announcement of Red Hat not supporting Centos.

This distribution also originates from the solution structure like Almalinux. The Orcacore team has always tried to prepare how to use, install, and configure all kinds of services and software in this distribution so that fans of this distribution can use them.

Debian - Linux tutorials


Debian is one of the oldest and most powerful Linux distributions, which Linux fans have welcomed for years. This distribution also supports many services and software and has always improved in terms of speed, performance, etc., during new updates. On the Linux application training page, you can find many trainings on this distribution along with installation, configuration, and preparation related to Debian.

Ubuntu - Linux How to learn by Orcacore


Ubuntu is a distribution derived from Debian, with changes in the structure and some services inside the operating system and their improvement by the Canonical team. Some people who are interested in distributions with Debian structure prefer to use the Ubuntu distribution instead of Debian. One of the reasons for choosing Ubuntu instead of Debian is the improvement of services and the support of this distribution by the Canonical team.

Nowadays, it can be said that Ubuntu has many fans in terms of server distribution and client distribution, and in some polls, it has been the most popular Linux distribution from the users’ point of view.

On the Orcacore Linux tutorials page, you can learn about Ubuntu’s practical training.

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