Exciting Updates in CachyOS June 2024 Release

CachyOS June 2024 Release: The CachyOS team has just released their latest ISO snapshot for June 2024, and it’s packed with exciting updates! This new release supports more hardware, includes a fresh edition for portable devices, and brings several other enhancements.

What’s New in CachyOS June 2024 Release

On 9 June 2024, the CachyOS team released their 7th release this year with amazing changes and improvements.

T2 MacBook Support

The June 2024 release now supports T2 MacBooks in the default CachyOS edition. However, a little heads-up: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth won’t work immediately after installation. You’ll need to follow specific instructions from the official website to patch the OS and get these features up and running.

New Handheld Edition

For those who prefer using Linux on portable devices, the CachyOS Handheld Edition is here! This edition is making its first stable appearance with the June 2024 snapshot. It’s perfect for devices like the Steam Deck, Lenovo Legion Go, and Asus ROG Ally. Now, you can enjoy Linux on the go with ease.

NVIDIA GPU Enhancements

This release includes the beta version of the upcoming NVIDIA 555 graphics driver series, featuring explicit GPU sync support and other improvements. There are also patched compositors with explicit sync support and better sleep functionality on Wayland.

Handy New Script: cachy-chroot

A new script, cachy-chroot, has been introduced to guide you through the chroot process. It helps you correctly mount partitions and properly detect Btrfs subvolumes, making the setup process smoother and more efficient.

Additional Updates and Improvements

  • ISO to RAM: If you have enough space, you can now copy the CachyOS ISO to your computer’s RAM for a faster boot experience.
  • File System: Btrfs is now the default file system for new installations, replacing XFS.
  • Firewall: The firewalld firewall has been replaced with ufw for better security management.
  • Component Updates: Various system components have been updated to their latest versions.

Get the Latest Version of CachyOS

The new CachyOS version is available for download now in both Desktop and Handheld editions from the official website. The Desktop edition features the latest KDE Plasma 6.0.5 desktop environment and is powered by Linux 6.9.

Source: CachyOS Announcement Page

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