Windows 12 Introduction – Release Date and Features

This guide intends to discuss the Microsoft Windows 12 Introduction, its release date, and its features. Nowadays you may hear about Windows 12 and when it comes! Currently, there is no exact timing and introduction to Windows 12. But here we want to talk about the expectations and future updates for Windows Operating System.

Microsoft Windows 12 Introduction – Release Date and Features

It is expected that Windows 12 will be released in 2024. As you may know, there is no verification from Microsoft for this at this time. Follow the steps below to take a brief look at expectations and what’s new in future Windows OS.

Windows 12 Release Date

As you must know, Windows 11 was introduced after Windows 10 after six years. Depending on rumors and some credible people talks, the new Windows OS will come sooner than Windows 11. It considers that Windows 12 will be released in 2024.

One of the most important reasons that make these expectations is a recent statement by Intel’s chief financial officer in which he indicated a boost in PC sales due to the new version of Windows coming next year. But nothing has been heard from the official company.

When you look at the last versions of Windows, it took three years for other versions to be released except Windows 11. You can see the list above starting with Windows 7 and the release date of them:

Windows OS VersionRelease Date
Windows 72009
Windows 82012
Windows 102015
Windows 112021
WindowsMay be Released after three years in 2024

Also, it is expected that Windows 12 functions the same as the other Windows version structure. For example, the first Windows 11 Insider Preview build was available a few days after Microsoft announced the OS and a few months before its public release.

Is Windows 12 Free to Use?

It is expected that is available for free at first. As you may know, Microsoft offered a free update to Windows 10. Also, in Windows 11 the update process is free. So it is considered that Windows 12 will be the same.

If you need a license version, it will probably cost like Windows 11:

  • $139.99 for Windows 12 Home
  • $199.99 for Windows 12 Pro

Now proceed to the following steps to talk about the consideration of Windows 12 and its features.

Possible Features for Windows 12

Every version that is released has feature improvements. However there is no verification for this, but here are some considerations about Windows 12 features.

Number 1 – New User Interface

A new UI is considered to be introduced in Windows 12. It will have a floating taskbar, search bar, and other icons on either corner of the screen.

As Windows Central claims, there will be other plans to make new user interface changes. They are including a new lock screen and notification center. It is obvious that the new version should have a new look and design.

Number 2 – Use AI

As you must know, Microsoft uses artificial intelligence in Windows 11. So it is expected that it will happen in Windows 12 too.

Microsoft company has invested in OpenAI, and it is considered that using AI in the Windows OS version must happen.

Number 3 – Get Rid of the Control Panel

In Windows 8, settings were introduced and it was intended to replace the control panel. But the utility is still available today.

It is expected in Windows 12 there is no more control panel and all the Control Panel applets might be moved into Settings.

Number 4 – Install Android Apps with their APK Files

In Windows 11, you can get the Android apps. However, you are limited to the options available through the Amazon AppStore. So it is expected Windows 12 improve this feature and open up the ability to run them directly from the download.

These are some of the possible features that can happen in Windows 12. Stay in touch in the future and we will update them for you.

Minimum System Requirements

At this point, you may want to know the system requirements for Windows 12 installations. Like Windows 11 minimum system requirements, it is expected Windows 12 follow them too. They may be like the following system requirements:

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 64 GB of storage
  • 64-bit processor
  • 1 GHz CPU clock speed
  • An internet connection and a Microsoft account (for the initial setup)

We assumed that Windows 12 has the same function as Windows 11. Until the official company says anything about it, we can’t say it is exactly like this. All of these are the expectations.

Is Windows 12 available to Download?

It is too early to find the Windows 12 ISO files. Also, the beta form is not accessible yet. We should wait till the official company introduces the new product.

Like other versions of Windows, you can get a free update to the new one. Microsoft will likely host an upgrade utility and the official ISOs on their website.

Is there a Windows 12 laptop?

As you know, Windows 12 is expected to be released in 2024. We’re confident that Windows 12 won’t be alongside some upcoming Microsoft hardware launches, including the Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Pro 10.


At this point, we tried to discuss expectations on Windows 12 introductions, its release date, and its possible features. Windows 12 may be released in 2024. Until the official company says anything, we can say nothing just the rumors. Stay with us, anything will happen, and we will update the information.

Hope you enjoy it.

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