5 Best Free Alternatives To Python

This guide intends to discuss on 5 Best Free Alternatives To Python programming language. Python is a free programming language that can be used in different ways such as building sites and software. Here we want to show you some alternatives that you can use instead of Python. The best alternative is Java, but it is not free. So we want to discuss on top 5 free alternatives.

5 Best Free Alternatives To Python Programming Language

There are many program languages that you can use instead of Python. At this point, you can follow the steps below to get familiar with some free alternatives to Python.

Number 1 – PHP Programming Language

As you must know, PHP is one of the best programming languages that is available for free and open-source. It can be used on most OS such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. Also, it is a good option for web development.

The best features of PHP include:

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Object-oriented
PHP - orcacore.com

Most of the programmers consider PHP as the best alternative to Python. But keep in mind that PHP is a web-only language and Python can do many more things.

At the current time, the latest stable version of PHP is PHP 8.2. You can install it on your desired OS such as Linux. For example, if you are using Ubuntu 22.04, you can see the installation guide on PHP 8.2 on Ubuntu 22.04.

Number 2 – Ruby Language

At this point, we want to discuss another alternative to Python which is Ruby. Ruby is a free and open-source programming language based on Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp. Because of its amazing features, you can consider it a great alternative to Python. It supports multiple programming paradigms such as functional, object-oriented, imperative, and reflective.

Ruby is also used for CLI, GUI, and Web apps. The web framework is called Ruby on Rails that is developed in Ruby.

Ruby - oracore.com

Ruby can be installed and used on Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can get the installation and configuration guides from the Orcacore website. For example, if you plan to use Ruby and Rails on Debian 12, you can check this guide on Install Ruby on Rails on Debian 12 Bookworm.

Number 3 – Go Programming Language

At this point, you can get familiar with another free alternative to Python programming language. Go also known as Golang is a free and open-source programming language software that is simple, reliable, and efficient. It was developed by Google. The Go programming language has many features including:

  • Complied language
  • Object-oriented
  • Test case management
  • Readability
  • Static typing
  • Garbage collection
  • Performance monitoring
Go Programming Language

Because of its speed, reliability, and stability, it is a good alternative to Python. Like other languages, it can be installed on most OS. In Linux distributions, it can easily be installed and configured. For example, you can check this guide on Install Go Language on AlmaLinux 8.

Number 4 – R Programming Language

Another software that can be an alternative to Python is R programming language. R is a free and open-source software that can be used for statistical computing and graphics.

The features of the R programming language include:

  • Support for Scripting
  • Customizability
  • Automatic data loading
  • Communities
  • Data mining
  • Data Science
R language

Also, it can be used in Linux, Windows, and Mac. If you are a Linux user, you can check this guide on Setting up the R programming language on Ubuntu 20.04.

Number 5 – Perl Programming Language

Perl is a free, open-source, and general-purpose programming language that is the best alternative to Python.

Perl Language

It has many amazing features including:

  • It takes the best features from other languages.
  • It supports third-party databases including Oracle, Sybase, Postgres, MySQL, and others.
  • Perl works with HTML, XML, and other mark-up languages.
  • Perl supports both procedural and object-oriented programming.
  • etc.

That’s it. These are some of the best alternatives that you can use for free instead of Python.


At this point, you get familiar with the 5 best free alternatives to the Python programming language that you can use on most OS such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. Do you have any idea? What is your suggestion? Please Comment for us.

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