Discover Amazing Windows 11 Linux Sudo Command Compatibility

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Microsoft has introduced Windows 11 Linux Sudo Command Compatibility. You should know about the sudo command if you work with Linux distributions. This tool allows you the admin privileges to run the commands you can not execute with a regular user. The sudo command allows you to modify system files, updates, etc. Now this amazing Linux tool is coming to Windows 11 as a part of the developer settings. With this tool, you can do many tasks that require the admin privilege.

New Windows 11 Linux Sudo Command Compatibility

The sudo command line tool has been found in a leaked Windows Server preview build. But Microsoft published the sudo command to the Windows update. The sudo command in Windows 11 requires the developer mode.

Preview of Windows 11 Linux Sudo Command

As we said, sudo needs developer mode to be enabled. But you should know that it currently doesn’t work on the leaked build. According to the Windows Latest, we can see that the sudo command can be configured by the following settings:

Windows 11 Linux Sudo Command Compatibility
  • In a new window: This setting may mean that once you run a sudo command, it opens in a separate new window, like a terminal window, where the command is executed.
  • With input disabled: We can’t say what is the exact meaning of this setting. It may include a security feature where input is temporarily disabled while the Sudo command is running to prevent unauthorized actions.
  • Inline: This may allow the Sudo command to execute at the current window.

Also, you can access the sudo command from the command prompt, PowerShell, or other terminals while this feature is enabled and developer mode is turned on.

At the current time, we don’t know when the sudo command comes in Windows 11 stable builds. But it is possible to come in the Windows 11 version 24H2. It is the next version of Windows 11 that comes with a lot of AI features including an advanced version of Copilot Bing Chat and an AI-powered automatic super-resolution feature for wallpapers.


As you can see, we will have access to the sudo command in Windows 11 developer mode. It will allow you to run commands that need admin privilege. These are the considerations when it comes to stable builds and working with them. Hope you enjoy the New Windows 11 Linux Sudo Command Compatibility.

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