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Windows Client Tutorials

Enable Group Policy Editor in Windows 11 Home Edition

This tutorial will show you how to install the local group policy editor via the command prompt in Windows 11.

Steps To Manage Copilot Bing Chat on Windows 11

In this guide, you will learn Manage Copilot Bing Chat on Windows 11, you will learn to enable and disable Copilot on your Windows system.

Download and Run Apache on Windows 11

In this guide, you will learn Download the Apache Windows binary package and Run your web server on Windows 11. Also, you can install Apache as a Windows service on your system.

Find Windows Public IP Address From PowerShell and CMD

In this guide you will learn to Find or Check the Public IP Address from PowerShell and CMD command prompt on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

2 Methods To Enable and Disable IIS on Windows 11

This guide intends to teach you 2 Methods to enable and disable IIS (Internet Information Services) on Windows 11 from GUI and PowerShell CLI.

2 Ways To Test Hard Disk Speed in Windows

2 Ways To Test Hard Disk Speed in Windows. One of them is to use PowerShell Commands to measure your Hard Disk read and write speed, another one is to use Crystal Disk Mark benchmark tool for Windows.

Simply Turn Off Quick Access in Windows

This guide will show you Simply Turn Off or Disable Quick Access (HOME) in File Explorer in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Run Internet Speed Test in Windows PowerShell

You can easily download the Speed Test CLI App, add it to your system environment variables, and start using it from the command line interface in your Windows machine. To do this, you can follow this guide.

Create a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox in Windows

Step by Step Learn To Create a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox in Windows with this complete guide.

Install VirtualBox and Extension Pack on Windows

Step by Step Install Oracle VM VirtualBox and the Extension Pack on Windows in the latest version.

Fix Signed In With A Temporary Profile Error on Windows

In this guide, you can learn what causes the temporary profile error on Windows and you can easily fix this issue by using different methods provided in this guide.

Set up Burp Suite Community Edition on Windows

Set up Burp Suite Community edition which is available for free on a Windows operating system.

Install Keeper Password Manager on Windows

With Keeper, you can securely store unlimited passwords, generate & autofill strong passwords, sync & manage your passwords on all devices, and more.

Make Sticky Notes Stay on Windows Desktop

The easiest way is to not close the sticky note app. But if didn't work, you can easily use Startup Folder or Task Scheduler to make your sticky notes open.

Install XPS Viewer on Windows 10

At the current time, new versions of Windows 10 don't have XPS viewer installed. But if you want to use this app, you can install it on your system.

Connect Remote Desktop Without a Password in Windows

4 ways to Connect Remote Desktop Without a Password in Windows 10 and Windows 11 which are group policy, registry editor, command prompt, and a reg file. Also, you can re-enable the password prompt again by using these methods.

Enable SMB File Sharing on Windows 10

Enable SMB File Share on Windows 10 by using PowerShell and Windows Programs. SMB ports are generally port numbers 139 and 445.

Install Docker Desktop on Windows

Docker Desktop Installation on Windows is so straightforward. You can use a Docker desktop installer for Windows to set up your Docker Desktop app. Also, you can easily use Docker CLI on your Windows system.

Install and Use Snyk CLI on Windows

Steps To Install and Use Snyk CLI on Windows: Step 1 - Run PowerShell on Windows Step 2 - Install Scoop on Windows Step 3 - Install Snyk on Windows Step 4 - Test Snyk CLI on Windows

Enable Network Discovery and File Sharing on Windows

When connected over a local network, network discovery enables network devices to connect and communicate with the other devices connected to the same network. This allows system administrators to locate devices with ease.

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