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Ubuntu 22.04 Tutorials

Install Sublime Text on Ubuntu 22.04

In this tutorial, you will learn to set up Sublime Text by adding the stable repository to Ubuntu 22.04 and starting to use it.

What sudo apt update and upgrade Do on Ubuntu / Debian

There are two most useful commands in Debian-based distros which are sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade. Before you start doing your tasks on your server, you use these two commands to keep your system up to date. You can follow this guide to discuss the differences between sudo apt update and upgrade and what they exactly do on Ubuntu / Debian.

Disable NTP Network Time Synchronization on Ubuntu

NTP is a service that is used for synchronizing your time and clock. It is an important service for many server operations. If you want to replace it with another time synchronization tool or if you want to reduce your running services, you may want to disable and remove the NTP from your Ubuntu server.

Install and Uninstall OpenRGB from Ubuntu

Install OpenRGB on Ubuntu by using a PPA repository and with a Deb package, also, you can uninstall it from your server if you no longer want to use it.

Recursively Change File Permissions in Ubuntu Linux

It is important to set the correct permissions for your files and directories in your Linux Ubuntu. If you want to recursively change a file permission, you can follow this guide.

Uninstall MySQL Server from Ubuntu Completely

Before you completely remove your MySQL server just remember to do your database backup that does not affect your data. This guide will show you how to remove your MySQL server from Ubuntu Linux.

Fix APT Error Download is performed unsandboxed as root

The "Download is performed unsandboxed as root" message is not an error or warning. It is a security feature of the APT package manager. You candefine a rule in the APT config file to allow the APT to download files as root.

Uninstall and Remove PPA Repository From Ubuntu and Debian

PPA repositories are used for packages that are not available in the official repository. For the reasons we said in the guide, you may want to remove a PPA repository. You can easily do this from your command line and desktop menu.

apt vs apt-get – Which One Should We Use

Linux users who worked with Debian-based operation systems may face this question What's the difference between apt and apt-get? Should I use apt or apt-get to do my management processes? This guide covers this subject and will help you.

Install Apache in Docker Container on Ubuntu 22.04

Install and Run an Apache Web Server in a Docker Container on Ubuntu 22.04 via Docker Hub and Dockerfile.

Install ManageEngine OpManager on Ubuntu 22.04

Install OpManager with an Installer script from the ManageEngine site and start your OpManager and access its dashboard and start your OpManager as a service on Ubuntu 22.04.

Powerline For VIM and Bash on Ubuntu 22.04

Install Powerline on Ubuntu 22.04 and configure it for bash shell and Vim by adding some configuration lines to the bashrc and vimrc files.

Install Latest OpenSSL on Ubuntu 22.04

The OpenSSL package version available in Ubuntu 22.04 is 3.0.2. In this tutorial, you will learn to Install the latest OpenSSL from source on Ubuntu 22.04.

Network ifup: failed to bring up eth0:0 Ubuntu

We want to describe how we can solve the issue where you add a second IP address to an Ubuntu server, and after editing, you try to restart the network and you see That is down and it can't bring up.

How To Clean Up Unnecessary and Junk Files on Ubuntu

If you are running out of space, you can easily use Linux commands to free up your space on Ubuntu.

Monitor Network Traffic on Ubuntu 22.04 with sniffnet

Install and Use Sniffnet on Ubuntu 22.04 to monitor network traffic. With Sniffnet you can do many kinds of stuff such as Network Connections in Real-time, Display Network Connections Reports, and Inspect Individual Network Connections.

How To Set up System Locale on Ubuntu 22.04

Set up System Locale on Ubuntu 22.04, Check the Default System Locale, Check Which Locales are Enabled, Generate a Locale, and Change the Default Locale.

Netplan Gateway is Deprecated Use Default Routes on Ubuntu

Fix the Error Netplan Gateway is Deprecated - Use Default Routes on Ubuntu. The to: and via: options are the default routes.

How To Install CloudPanel on Ubuntu and Debian

Install CloudPanel which is a Web Hosting Control Panel on Ubuntu 22.04 and Debian 11 from the Linux Terminal. You can choose your preferred database engine and easily install your free control panel.

How To Check Internet Speed in Linux Terminal

Check or Test Internet Speed in Linux Terminal. This tutorial will show you to use speedtest-cli and ping commands to test your internet speed on Linux.

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