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Linux Commands Tutorials

Fix error Group ‘development-tools’ is not available

Fix the Error Module or Group ‘development-tools’ is not available by using a single Linux Command.

How To Install Flatpak on Centos 7

With Flatpak you can easily add repositories to find and download apps. This tutorial will show you to enable Flatpak on your Centos 7 and how to use it by enabling the Flathub repository file.

Install and Use 7-zip on Rocky Linux 8

Installation Steps of 7-zip package on Rocky Linux 8: Step 1 - Enable Epel Repository Step 2 - Install 7-zip Package Step 3 - Verify 7-zip Installation Step 4 - How To Use 7-zip? Step 5 - 7-zip Commands and Switches

Install Security Updates on Debian 11

Linux operating system providers supply regular updates, most of which are operating system security patches but can also include updates to installed packages.

Install and Use Traceroute Command in Linux

This guide provides a brief explanation of the traceroute command with Examples in Linux.

Install and Configure Dnsmasq on Ubuntu 22.04

Steps To Install and Configure Dnsmasq on Ubuntu 22.04 - Dnsmasq is a lightweight DNS, TFTP, and DHCP server. It is intended to provide coupled DNS and DHCP service to a LAN.

Test Network Throughput with Iperf Tool on Linux

In this guide, you will learn to Test Network Throughput with Iperf Tool on Linux.Iperf is a commonly used network testing tool that can...

Find MySQL Configuration File Location on Linux

Steps To Find MySQL Configuration File Location (my.cnf) on Linux by using the Linux Commands like grep and find.

Find php.ini File Location on Linux

Find php.ini Configuration File Location on Linux. In this guide, you will learn to find your php.ini file location by using the Linux commands.

FirewallD Configuration on AlmaLinux 9

Steps To FirewallD Configuration on AlmaLinux 9 - Check FirewallD Status - FirewallD Zones - Set Default FirewallD Zone - FirewallD Services - Create your Own Service on FirewallD - Add Services To FirewallD Zones - Firewalld Rich Rules for Network Range

Install and Use Flatpak on Rocky Linux 8

Flatpak installation and Usage on Rocky Linux 8. With Flatpak, you gain access to plenty of proprietary software.

How To Clear Yum Cache on Centos 7

You can clean the Yum cache to reclaim the disk space. Steps to Clear Yum Cache on Centos 7: 1. List Enabled Repositories 2. Clean yum Cache Repo

How To Display Disk Space on AlmaLinux

Managing disk space on Linux servers is an incredibly important task; if you run out of space on a server, your websites can crash. This guide, will teach you to use du and df command to check your AlmaLinux disk space.

Use AWK Command with Examples on Linux

The awk command is used for text processing in Linux. You can follow this guide to use AWK Command on Linux with useful examples.

Run Binary Files on Linux

Quick Guide To Run or Execute Binary (.bin) Files on Linux. Binary files are also known as executable files or object codes.

Fix Error Failed to load SELinux policy freezing

The reason that you get the SELinux policy freezing error is that somewhere you had messed up the settings of SELinux. Follow this guide to resolve this problem.

How To Display Disk Space on Ubuntu 22.04

To display or check the disk space and file system type on Ubuntu 22.04, you can use the df or du command...

How To Shutdown Linux Via Command Line

This tutorial intends to teach you to Shutdown or Reboot your Linux Operating System via the Command Line Interface (CLI).“Shutdown” refers to the process...

Fix sort_buffer_size for Cacti

In this guide, we intend to show you to Fix the sort_buffer_size for Cacti.Cacti is a complete frontend to RRDTool, it stores all of...

Fix PuTTY Server Refused Our Key Error

In this guide, we want to teach you to troubleshoot, fix, or resolve Server Refused Our Key PuTTY SSH Key Error.PuTTY is a free...

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