Basic Linux

The Orcacore team is trying to provide the best, most practical, and complete training content related to Linux to its users, so on the basic Linux tutorial page, all the training related to initial settings, the initial installation of services, and some others have been categorized as basic items.

What do you see on Basic Linux Tutorials?

On this page, you will find all beginner tutorials related to popular Linux distributions, such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Almalinux, and Rocky Linux.

Tutorials that can be seen on Basic Linux Tutorials Page:

  1. Installation and post-installation of various Linux operating systems
  2. Basic setup and configuration of popular Linux distributions
  3. Setup and configuration related to network and internal services of Linux distributions
  4. Initial setup and basic security settings of Linux distributions
  5. Installing and configuring services of popular Linux distributions
  6. Get familiar with the most useful Linux Commands and how to use them

What kind of people are the tutorials on this page suitable for?

As mentioned, on this page, you will see beginner and basic tutorials related to Linux services and software.

Therefore, these trainings can be useful for people who do not have complete information about a service or its required commands or who intend to get acquainted with the commands and how to install services simply and quickly. The guides will give you simple and step-by-step instructions to complete your needs.

We tried to publish valuable, simple, practical, and useful content for all levels of knowledge on this page so that it is useful for both network managers and people who are at the beginning of this path.

The tutorials on the basics of Linux distribution can be seen on this page.

Also, most Linux users work with many commands in their daily work. So we try to provide content related to the most useful and popular Linux commands that every Linux user needs. You can find out the Linux commands usage and get familiar with them and how to use them in your administrative work

On this page, you will see the beginner and basic training related to CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, and Rocky Linux distributions at the moment, and we are trying to provide tutorials related to other Linux distributions in the future according to user requests.

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