Fix error Group ‘development-tools’ is not available

In this guide, we want to teach you to Fix the error Module or Group ‘development-tools’ is not available on RHEL 8.

As I wanted to install Jekyll Software on my RHEL 8, I got an error that Module or Group ‘development-tools’ is not available.

So I thought that you may face this error and I want to show you how to fix it.

How To Fix Error Module or Group ‘development-tools’ is not available?

I was trying to install my dependencies as shown below:

sudo dnf install ruby ruby-devel openssl-devel redhat-rpm-config @development-tools

And I got this error that said:

Error: Module or Group 'development-tools' is not available.

After a little search, I found that I should install the Development Tools in a separate command and it will fix the error. To install the Development Tools on RHEL, you should use the command below:

sudo dnf groupinstall "Development Tools" -y

That’s it, the problem is solved so easily.


Development Tools are programs that allow a developer to create, test, and debug software. At this point, you have learned to Fix the Error Module or Group ‘development-tools’ is not available by using a single Linux Command.

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