Install Gnome Desktop Environment on Ubuntu 22.04

This tutorial intends to teach you to Install Gnome Desktop Environment on Ubuntu 22.04. Gnome is the default desktop environment for Ubuntu. It is the best solution for users who are comfortable with a graphical interface. In this guide, you will learn to install Gnome step by step by using the tasksel command.

Steps To Install Gnome Desktop Environment on Ubuntu 22.04

To set up your Gnome desktop, you must have access to your server as a non-root user with sudo privileges. For this purpose, you can follow this guide on Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 22.04.

Now follow the steps below to complete this guide.

Step 1 – Install Tasksel on Ubuntu 22.04

You can easily use the tasksel command to install the Gnome desktop. First, update your local package index with the following command:

sudo apt update

Then, use the following command to install tasksel on your Ubuntu 22.04:

sudo apt install tasksel -y

When you are done, proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Install Gnome with Tasksel on Ubuntu 22.04

At this point, you can easily use the following tasksel command to install the Gnome desktop:

sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop

Note: During your installation, if you have been asked to select your default window manager, select gdm3 and select ok.

When you are done, you must reboot your Ubuntu server by using the following command:


Step 3 – Set Graphical Target on Ubuntu 22.04

In this step, you need to set your Ubuntu server to a graphical interface instead of a command line. To do this, you can run the following command:

sudo systemctl set-default

That’s it, you are done.


Now you have the Gnome Desktop Environment installed on your Ubuntu 22.04. Enjoy using your server with a graphical interface.

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