Introduction To the WordPress system

CMS stands for content management system, which means that sites with dynamic content generally use these systems. in this article on the Orcacore website, we want to discuss an introduction to the WordPress system.

Introduction to the WordPress system

WordPress is a free management system and open source based on GPL like other content management systems like Drupal and Joomla and it gives you features like blogging, photo galleries, and themes.

Since some social Networking sites use the core of this system and even bigger sites manage with this CMS, cause that WordPress is one of the best content management systems, and has a good relationship with search engines, which will eventually make WordPress popular.

Fortunately, this system is designed with the popular PHP programming language and uses MySQL for its database, and this has led to the overuse of this system.

Pre-installation of WordPress CMS

In the introduction to the WordPress system Undoubtedly, a good web host will also improve the SEO situation and will definitely increase the sales and success of your site.

In this way, it is obvious that a good and experienced website manager should be worried about finding a good host as a significant part of his activities.

If your website is designed on a WordPress base and it is a way of communicating with your customers, you should get to know WordPress hosting requirements.

The host you provide must have at least the following specifications:

1. Linux or Windows hosting ( preferably Linux )

2. At least 60 Mb space.

3. Runs on Apache and Nginx web servers ( or any other web servers that support PHP and MySQL )

4. MySQL database 5.5 or higher.

5. PHP 5.2.4 or higher.

Some of the highlights of the WordPress system

1. Easy usage

2. Full management dashboard

3. Open source and free

4. Written in PHP language

5. MySQL database support

6. Has multiple plugins with different functions

7. Powerful and scalable core

8. Ability to customize and generate new CMS for sites

9. Set up a complete website the need for programming

10. Creating good SEO for websites

11. Has countless free themes and templates

12. Constant updating and preventing security holes

13. Very high security and …

These are just some of the highlights of WordPress.

You can also download the latest version of this popular content management system from the Persian or English WordPress reference site and launch your website.

Conclusion of Introduction to the WordPress System

In this article, we learned what exactly WordPress is and know some highlights of it.

We hope you have taken advantage of the introduction to the WordPress system.

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