What is SSH and What does it do?

In this article from Orcacore, we want to discuss what is SSH and what does it.

What is SSH and What does it do?

It stands for secure shell. it is the best way or better to say it is a designed protocol for establishing a secure connection between client and server. With the help of different protocols, we can send information from the client to the server.

What is the difference?

In connection with SSH protocol, before sending information, we cryptograph them and on the other side, we decrypt them. Of course, this is done by the system itself without user intervention.
We can name It a secure connection version of telnet. Now it’s not bad that we are getting to know what exactly it is, Note that it is under the IETF protocol standard, derived from the term” Internet Engineering Task Force”, which has covered many internet protocols since 1986.
The SSH protocol is currently available in two versions, SSH-1 and SSH-2, on most operating systems. By default, it is possible to connect through both versions, unless it is configured on the server-side and in the SSH configuration file, which only supports version 1 or 2 for example.
To know the version after connection, you can run the following command in your Linux distribution:

 ssh –v

What is the difference between the versions?

In fact, these two versions are more in the field of user authentication, which is different from each other.
SSH-1 covers a wider range of user authentication methods but does not support a simultaneous connection in most of them. Although we do not see RhostsRSA, Kerberos, and TIS methods in SSH-2, using the powerful PublicKey method and its development (DSA, RSA*, OpenPGP) it has been able to completely meet the needs of users. It also fully supports the simultaneous connection.
Another important difference between SSH-1 and SSH-2 is the security issue, which creates the possibility of insertion attacks on some connections.
Like FTP, there are several ways to connect to it. But if you use the Windows operating system to connect to your Linux server, Putty software makes it easy for you.
The configuration screen appears when you run Putty. You must first enter the name of the host (IP address) and the SSH server you want to connect to (for example, example.com) if you only know the IP address, you can only use the IP address. If you use these settings intermittently, you can create a Putty profile and some of these settings.

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