Introducing 5 Linux Mail Servers

In this article, we want to be at your service by Introducing 5 Linux Mail Servers.

Users have often been asked what mail server they can set up on their Linux server.

For this purpose, we intend to introduce them so that you can choose the desired mail server with your choice and your needs.

Introduce Linux Mail Servers


Sendmail is a server application that gives businesses a way to send email using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

It’s installed on an email server on a dedicated machine that accepts outgoing email messages and then sends these messages to the defined recipient.

This mail server is one of the oldest and most popular Linux mail servers that was introduced in the RHEL 5 version and was placed on it by default.

Also, SendMail is not used today so much because of its complex configuration.

But it is still known as one of the application email servers in the Linux operating system.


After some time, IBM introduced a good and functional email server to replace SendMail called PostFix.

The most important features of this mail server are communication with MariaDB and its security against SendMail.

It is also very simple and easy to configure and set up and it is one of the most popular mail servers in Linux today.

The service can now be installed on Solaris, OSX, Mac, Linux, and all Unix-based operating systems.

It has important features such as database support, spam email control, mailbox support, and support for multiple protocols.


Exim was introduced in 1995 but did not receive much attention.

It became one of the most popular and most practical Linux mail servers by fixing the problems.

Exim can be installed on all Unix-like operating systems and can be installed and used on Windows with the help of Linux virtualizers.

Today, Exim is used as the default Cpanel email server.

Features of this mail server include:

  1. Support for RFC 2821 SMTP
  2. and support for RFC 2033 LMTP

These protocols are used for sending, different and complete settings, strong support, encryption, intelligent routing, SMS connectivity, and content scanning.


Qmail is one of the simplest and most compact Linux mail servers.

This mail server was developed in 1998 as a secure replacement for SendMail.

It is also open source and can be installed on Unix and Linux operating systems.

Some features of this mail server are:

  1. Quick installation.
  2. Auto config.
  3. Management environment for each user.
  4. Automatic prevention of list loops.
  5. Full support and segregation of groups, addresses, and files.


Mutt is one of the Linux mail servers that is a text-based email client for Unix-like systems.

It was released in 1995 under the GNU (General Public Licence).

Mutt focuses on being a Mail User Agent (MUA) and was originally written to view mail.

These are some Mutt features:

  1. Supports protocol IMAP and POP3.
  2. Email delivery system.
  3. Email tagging system.
  4. Powerful software support.
  5. Strong and complete documentation.
  6. Supports a variety of MMDF, Maildir, MH, and Mbox formats.

Conclusion of Introducing Linux Mail Servers 

At this point, you get familiar with the most popular mail servers on Linux.

Hope you enjoy this article about Introducing 5 Linux Mail Servers.

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