Introducing AlmaLinux As a Replacement for CentOS

In this article, we want to discuss Introducing AlmaLinux as a replacement for CentOS.

Let’s see what AlmaLinux is.

What is AlmaLinux exactly?

AlmaLinux is a peer-to-peer binary branch of Redhat Enterprise Linux or REHL.

This distribution is in the form of a Stable Release, and packages are placed in updates that are more suitable for servers than Rolling Release distributions.

Introducing AlmaLinux As a Replacement for CentOS

As we know, CentOS will not be released anymore.

In general, we will no longer have stable CentOS. This is the decision of RedHat the new owner of CentOS.

One of the companies that relied on CentOS products decided to release a Linux distribution like CentOS.

That distribution is called AlmaLinux OS, which is exactly the same as CentOS based on RedHat.

About CentOS

As you know, CentOS was a complete, free version of the RedHat distribution. Unlike other Linux distributions, RedHat is not free and has many features.

CentOS is built for those who don’t want to pay because it’s rewritten and free to republish.

RedHat supports the CentOS project for some time, and we will no longer have stable CentOS after CentOS 8.

This means that CentOS is still free and users must download and install CentOS.

Redhat wants to release software packages that aren’t stable and must continue to be tested on CentOS.

This causes many users to believe that RedHat wants to use CentOS users as mice.

As a result, CentOS will no longer be stable.

Can we use AlmaLinux as a replacement for CentOS?

As we said in the above part CentOs will no longer be stable. because of this all companies and individuals who work with CentOS are worried about how to fill the CentOS place?!

There is the same concern for control panel companies and other commercial software companies whose business is directly related to CentOS.

One of these companies is Cloudlinux which is used on hosting servers.

The company’s CEO has decided to offer a new free distribution from Redhat.

He says AlmaLinux gets popular and open source like CentOs. For now, we have AlmaLinux 8 and we can download and install it.

Convert CentOS to AlmaLinux

There is a solution to convert existing CentOS to Almalinux. It can be done with just one command, and all services will run on the server without interruption.

Of course, CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 still support update packages until the expiration date. This date for CentOS 8 is (December 31, 2021) and  (June 30, 2024) for CentOS 7.

The first beta version of AlmaLinux was released in February 2021, and the first stable release was released in March 2021. AlmaLinux 8.x will be supported until 2029.


At this point, you know about AlmaLinux and why CentOS hasn’t been supported anymore.

Since there is a company like Cloud Linux behind such a distribution, many people have decided to trust and use this distribution. So at least you can try it.

You can get more information at

I hope you enjoy it.

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