Termux Commands For Android Devices

This tutorial provides you with a List of Termux Commands that can be used for Android devices. As you know, Termux is the same as the Linux terminal. You can use Termux on Android to perform your tasks by using the command line interface.

Termux commands are the same as the Linux commands. You can use them for your management process and do your tasks from the command line on your Android device.

The package managers that are available in Termux are pkg and APT. With these package managers, you can easily manage your Apps on an Android device.

You can follow the steps below to get a list of Termux commands and some examples of using them.

List of Termux Commands For Android Devices

To see how the commands in Termux work, you must have Termux installed on your Android device. For this purpose, you can visit this guide on Termux Setup on Android with Andronix.

When you are done with Termux installation on Android, follow the rest of the article to see what are the commands and their usage.

Step 1 – List of Package Management Commands For Termux Andorid Devices

At this step, we want to show you a list of commands that can be used for management processes in Termux such as installing, removing, updating packages, etc.

Termux Management Commands Usage
pkg search package-nameSearch for a Package
pkg install package-nameInstall a Package
pkg uninstall package-nameUninstall a Package
pkg reinstall package-nameReinstall a Package
pkg show package-nameShow package information in detail
pkg-list-installedGet a list of Installed packages
pkg-list-allGet a list of Available Packages in Termux
pkg autocleanRemove Unwanted Packages
pkg cleanClean up the cache of downloaded packages
pkg files package-nameDisplay package location
pkg updateUpdate Termux packages
pkg upgradeUpgrade Termux packages

At this point, you can use these Termux package management commands to run them on your Android device.

For example, you can use the command below in Termux to search for a package named OpenJDK:

pkg search openjdk
Termux search command

Then, when you have found your desired package, you can install it with the command below. Here we install OpenJDK 17.

pkg install openjdk-17 -y

When your installation is completed, you can check your installed package location with the following command:

pkg files openjdk-17
Termux location package command

Step 2 – List of Shell Commands in Termux

At this point, you can get a list of basic shell commands in Termux for your Android device. It is the same as the Shell commands for Linux. Let’s see some of them and what are they used for.

Termux Shell CommandsUsage
suChange Shell User
dateDisplay current date
passwdChange or Set a User password
whoamiDisplay current User ID, Group, and Privileged Information
calShow Calendar
helpUsed to display shell command information
uptimeShow your OS uptime
findSearch for your files
ifconfigConfigure Network Interfaces
netstatDisplay network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, etc.
historyDisplay previously run commands
exitClose Termux Terminal

As you saw, these are some of the basic shell commands that you can use in Termux. You can easily use your Linux commands in your Termux terminal on your Android devices.

For example, we run the following commands in our Termux terminal and get the following results:

Termux basic shell commands

Step 3 – List of Termux File Management Commands

The following list provides you with the file management commands that you can use in Termux.

Termux File Management CommandsUsage
lsList of Files and Directories information
touch file-nameMake a new file
cat file-nameDisplay file information
cpCopy a file
mvMove a file
rm file-nameRemove a file
rm -rf directory-nameForce delete directory
mkdir directory-nameMake a new directory
rmdir directory-nameRemove directory
cd directory-nameSwitch to directory
pwdDisplay the current working directory
chmod 777 file-nameMake the file executable for anyone

Step 4 – Install Useful Termux Repositories on Android

When you install Termux on your Android device, you can configure your Termux to install all packages from it. It will help you to work better with Termux.

Termux Root Repository

You use this repository to install the packages that are available in the Termux Root repository. To do this, run the command below:

pkg install root-repo

Termux Unstable Repository

You use this repository in Termux to install packages that are available in an unstable repository. To do this, you can run the command below:

pkg install unstable-repo

Termux X11 Repository

X11 is the name of the protocol for the X Window System graphical server. You can use this repository to install packages related to it. To do this, run the command below:

pkg install x11-repo

Storage Setup for Termux

You can easily allow Termux to use your SD card storage. To do this, you must run the command below:


With this command, your issues related to the SD card will be fixed most of the time.

Step 5 – Most Useful Termux Tools on Android Devices

At this point, we want to show you a few tools that are useful and not installed by default in Termux.

One of the tools is the wget command. When you want to download files from the internet this tool will help you. To install wget run the command below:

pkg install wget

Another useful tool is the zip command. You can use this tool to compress or uncompress your files. To install zip in Termux, run the command below:

pkg install zip

As you know, many of the applications use Python. So you must have Python installed on your device. To install it, you can run the following command:

pkg install python

For more information, you can visit the Termux Official website.


At this point, you have got the List of Termux Commands for Android Devices which are Package Management, File Management, and Basic shell commands. As you saw, the commands are the same as the Linux commands. You can easily use Linux commands on your Android device with Termux. Also, you have learned to install useful Termux repositories and tools on your Android device.

Hope you enjoy it. You may be interested in this article about How To Install Metasploit on Android with Termux.

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