Fix cPanel & WHM Installation on Red Hat 6 & 7

This tutorial intends to show you how to Fix cPanel & WHM Installation on Red Hat 6 & 7. The last version of cPanel that is supported on Red Hat 6 & 7 is version 110. But if you want to use the newer version, you get some errors during the installation on CentOS 7, CloudLinux 6 and 7, and RHEL.

You can follow the steps below to get some tips on how you can install it.

Steps To Fix cPanel & WHM Installation on Red Hat 6 & 7

When we want to install cPanel on our RHEL 7, we get the following FATAL error:

(FATAL): cPanel & WHM no longer support Red Hat 6 & 7 based distributions on version 112 or greater.

As you can see, cPanel & WHM v112 or later no longer support Red Hat 6 & 7 based distributions.

Resolve cPanel & WHM support on Red Hat 6 & 7

To resolve this issue, you can install the LTS version by doing the following steps:

First, open the following file with your desired text editor like nano editor or vi editor:

nano /etc/cpupdate.conf

Then, write the following line to the file:


When you are done, save and close the file.

Next, you can start your cPanel installation.

Important Note: With this option, you don’t have any updates and support for your cPanel. We recommend using the following solution.

Migrate To Red Hat 8 for Installing cPanel & WHM

There is no reason to install anything on RHEL 7 because support for Centos 7 ends on June 30, 2024. If you want to use the new versions of cPanel, we strongly recommend you use the Red Hat 8 like AlmaLinux 8, Rocky Linux 8, and CloudLinux 8.

It is the best solution to use cPanel on RedHat-based distros.

You can use the following guides for cPanel & WHM installation on Red Hat 8:

Install cPanel WHM on Rocky Linux 8

Install cPanel WHM on AlmaLinux 8

Also, you can visit the cPanel Tutorials to get more information and guides.

Tips: If you are looking for a web hosting operating system, you can check this guide on AlmaLinux vs CloudLinux – Which One is Better For Web Hosting.

So it is strongly recommended to migrate to the Redhat-based 8 distros to use cPanel instead of using it on Red Hat 6 & 7. It has full support and updates and you don’t need to worry about anything.


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