Failed to Start Error in Virtualizor

In this article in Orcacore, we want to clarify how you can solve the VPS failed to start error in Virtualizor that causes you can not start (power on) a VPS on the server. Therefore, If you can’t power on all VPS on a Virtualizor server, You should check all services in the Virtualizor.

How to solve the Failed to Start Error in Virtualizor?

In any service and control panel, some problems cause interruptions in service functionality. If you can’t power on all VPS on a Virtualizor server, Then please follow the below steps to solve the issue.

Step 1 – When You See the Failed to Start Error in Virtualizor?

This problem will occur when the server network interface goes down physically. Please assume a person plugging out the network cable, or you have to restart the server from the IPMI console (cold reboot). Therefore, if you want to start a VPS, you will see the below error.

VPS failed to start Virtualizor -

Step 2 – Command to solve failed to start VPS?

If you see an error like the image, we should check services on Virtualizor. Therefore, please connect to the Virtualizor server with the SSH port. Use the Putty application and enter the server IP and port for connection. You can see the How to Use Putty article.

First, we should start the virtnetwork service by the below command:

service virtnetwork start

Maybe the service can’t start on the first try. You should try this command to see the result as below image.

Solve failed to start vps -

Step 3 – Try to power on the VPS

Finally, You should try to power on the VPS. If you complete all steps successfully, you should see the below image after powering on the VPS.

Powering on vps -

Step 4 – Check VPS connectivity

Maybe you are trying to connect to the VPS and you see the connection to the VPS failed. In this step, we should restart the DHCP service in the Virtualizor SSH connection. Try the below command:

systemctl restart dhcpd

Note: In Windows VPS you should restart the VPS to get IP from DHCP.


In this article, we learned how to solve the failed to start Error in Virtualizor. All commands are described clearly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by commenting on this post.

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