Fedora Linux 39 is Officially Released with Gnome 45

A piece of exciting news was published on November 7, 2023 which Fedora Linux 39 is Officially Released with Gnome 45 and other amazing features. In this tutorial, we discuss Fedora Linux 39 and its new features and improvements.

What is Fedora Linux?

Fedora or Fedora Linux is an open-source Linux operating system that is supported by Red Hat. It is a free and user-friendly operating system that enables users to perform their tasks easily and efficiently.

Originally it was developed in 2003 by Red Hat Project Linux. Nowadays the new stable release of Fedora which is Fedora 39 has been officially released. One of the eye-catching features of this new release is that it ships with Gnome 45.

Fedora Linux 39 is Officially Released with Gnome 45

After several delays, finally, the new Fedora Linux version has been released. At this point, you can follow the steps below to discuss the release date, new features, and improvements on Fedora Linux 39.

Fedora Linux 39 Release Date

This is great news for Fedora users that the new version has been published. It was originally released on November 7, 2023. The end of life of Fedora Linux 39 is on November 12, 2024.

Fedora Linux 39 Desktop and Kernel Information

As you know, the best feature that comes with Fedora 39 is Gnome 45 which is the latest desktop environment. Also, it comes with Linux kernel 6.5. Also, it ships with KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS for the KDE Plasma edition, Cinnamon 5.8 for the Cinnamon edition, and Budgie 10.8 for the Budgie edition.

Cloud Images For Fedora Linux 39

At this point, you can have Fedora Cloud images in Microsoft Azure (in addition to Google Cloud and AWS). Also, you have the latest security updates in the new Fedora Linux 39 version.

New Features and Improvements in Fedora Linux 39

As you may know, when a new version is released, it must have new features and improvements. It has an updated GNU toolchain including GCC 13.2, GNU Binutils 2.40, GNU C Library (Glibc) 2.38, and GDB (GNU Debugger) 13.2. Also, it comes with rpm 4.19. It has popular programming language stacks, including Python 3.12 and Rust 1.73.

Also, it has updated default apps including the latest LibreOffice 7.6 office suite series and Mozilla Firefox 119 web browser.

Download Fedora Linux 39

The new version of Fedora is now available for download on the official website. Also, you can upgrade your Fedora 38 to the new version by using the built-in package management system.

Download Fedora Linux 39


At this point, we discuss Fedora Linux 39 is Officially Released with Gnome 45 and other new features and improvements. In future articles, we will show you how you can install this newly released OS and its configuration.

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