8 Subject Line Rules That Will Get Email Opened

In this guide from the Orcacore website, we want to discuss writing a good email that will get it opened with these 8 subject line rules. As you know, most of the emails were going to trash before they were opened. If you want your email doesn’t go through this, you should write an email with good subject lines.

Write a Good Email with 8 Subject Line Rules that Will Get it Opened

At this point, we show these simple and amazing rules to help you write a good email to make it read. For this purpose, follow the steps below.

Number 1 – Keep the Email Subject Short

One of the most important rules is to keep your email subject short. As you may know, the common email subject characters are up to 60 characters. But, most people read their emails from their mobile phones. In mobile devices, the subject characters of email are shown between 25 to 30. So for this reason, it is so important to keep your email subject short.

Number 2 – Mention Important Things at First

As we said, you should keep your subject short. And remember to write the important things in your email subject. This rule will help you to get your person’s attention and read your email.

The email subject line you use must be related exactly to what the email is about. At this point, you should use important and useful information related to your email subject that gets the reader’s attention and opens your email.

Number 4 – Do Not Use These Words in the Email Subject Line

When you plan to write an email subject line, it is important to avoid using a few words. This will help to not make your email spam. The words include:

  • Free: The word free is commonly a spam trigger. Try to not use it.
  • Help: Nowadays the word help is a spam tactic. People are aware of this word and they try to avoid opening emails with this word.
  • !!! OK: You shouldn’t use the three exclamation points.
  • Do not use Recipients’ Names: Another tactic spam is to use the Recipients’ Names. So try to not use it.

Number 5 – Do Not Write the Email Subject Line with ALL CAPS

Remember to never use ALL CAPS for your Email subject line. Doing this means your yelling and it is a kind of impolite stuff to do this.

Number 6 – Avoid Using the Same Email Subject Line

If you want to send similar emails over time, remember to don’t use the same subject lines. It will decrease your chance of getting your email opened.

Number 7 – Ask a Question in the Email Subject Line

At this point, it is recommended to don’t use jargon in your email subject. This will make your email a sales pitch and it will ignored. It may be a good option to use clever words in your subject, but asking a question is a better way to get your email opened.

Number 8 – Know the Email Recipients

One of the most important rules to write a subject line is to know your Email Recipients. You should know what are they interested in and try to write about them.


At this point, you have become familiar with these 8 simple and useful Subject Line Rules That Will Get Email Opened. If you comply with these rules in your email subject lines, these will help to get your email opened and read.

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