Set up Burp Suite Community Edition on Windows

In this guide, you will learn to Set up Burp Suite Community Edition on Windows. Burp Suite is a web vulnerability scanner. It has a lot of features such as a proxy, repeater, decoder, and many more that you can use for your web scanning. Burp Suite provides two versions which are the Professional and Community editions. This tutorial will use the community edition which is the free version of Burp suite.

Steps To Set up Burp Suite Community Edition on Windows

Before you start your Burp Suite installation, log in to your Windows Client and follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Download Burp Suite Community Edition for Free

First, you must visit the Burp Suite official site and click on the Community Edition product.

Burp Suite Downloads Community Edittion

Then, click on Go Straight To Downloads.

Directly Download Burp Suite

From there, you must choose the Burp Suite community edition and your operating system then click on Download.

Burp Suite CE Windows Download

When your download is completed, click on your file to open your setup wizard.

Step 2 – Install Burp Suite on Windows

At this point, you can start to install the Burp suite. On the welcome screen, click Next.

Burp Suite Setup Wizard

Then, select the path you want to install Burp Suite and click Next.

Burp Suite Destination Folder

Next, you must select the start menu folder. You can leave everything by default and click Next.

Burp Suit Start Menu Folder Windows

Finally, your Burp suite installation will start. This will take some time to complete. When it is finished, click Finish.

Complete Burp Suite Setup

Step 3 – Run Burp Suite Application

At this point, you have successfully installed your Burp Suite community edition. You can click on the Burp Suite app to open it. Accept the terms and conditions to continue.

Burp Suite Terms and Conditions

Then, you need to create a project. Click on Temporary Project and Next.

Create a Burp Suite Temporary Project

Next, use the Burp defaults and click Start Burp. Your project will start to load.

Burp Suite Project Configuration

Then, you will see your new project dashboard.

Burp Suite Project Dashboard Windows

Note: You must get the professional version to use all features of the app.


At this point, you have learned to Set up Burp Suite Community edition which is available for free on a Windows operating system. You can scan the web vulnerabilities with the Burp suite. To use all the features of the app you must purchase the professional version.

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