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Ubuntu 20.04 Tutorials

Upgrade Default PHP to PHP 8.3 in Debian / Ubuntu

In this guide, you will learn to Upgrade the Default PHP version to PHP 8.3 in Debian / Ubuntu from the terminal command line.

Install Scala in Ubuntu Terminal Command Line

Install Scala in Ubuntu from the terminal command line with the APT package manager and get the latest version which is Scala 3 by using the CS setup installer.

Install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu from Terminal

This guide shows you to install and configure the Plex media server on Ubuntu from the command line terminal and access it from the web interface.

Check if PHP is Working on Apache in Ubuntu

If you try to set up a server through the command line, you may find out that your PHP is not enabled with Apache. So you can follow the steps below to see how you can check this.

Private Git Server Setup on Ubuntu

Ultimate Guide For Private Git Server Setup on Ubuntu. By running a private Git server, you can have more control over your server and collaborate with your team.

Install a Specific Version of PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04

In this guide, you will learn to Install the latest PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04 which is PostgreSQL 16. Also, if you plan to use a specific version, you need to specify it in the PostgreSQL installation command.

Disable NTP Network Time Synchronization on Ubuntu

NTP is a service that is used for synchronizing your time and clock. It is an important service for many server operations. If you want to replace it with another time synchronization tool or if you want to reduce your running services, you may want to disable and remove the NTP from your Ubuntu server.

Install and Uninstall OpenRGB from Ubuntu

Install OpenRGB on Ubuntu by using a PPA repository and with a Deb package, also, you can uninstall it from your server if you no longer want to use it.

Uninstall MySQL Server from Ubuntu Completely

Before you completely remove your MySQL server just remember to do your database backup that does not affect your data. This guide will show you how to remove your MySQL server from Ubuntu Linux.

Network ifup: failed to bring up eth0:0 Ubuntu

We want to describe how we can solve the issue where you add a second IP address to an Ubuntu server, and after editing, you try to restart the network and you see That is down and it can't bring up.

Clean Up Unnecessary and Junk Files on Ubuntu

If you are running out of space, you can easily use Linux commands to free up your space on Ubuntu.

Netplan Gateway is Deprecated Use Default Routes on Ubuntu

Fix the Error Netplan Gateway is Deprecated - Use Default Routes on Ubuntu. The to: and via: options are the default routes.

Check Connected WiFi Password on Ubuntu Linux

If you are using Wireless connections and you are connecting to the list of WiFi access points, you must save the password for the connection on your Ubuntu server. For some reason, you may forget the password. So you can follow the steps below to check the WiFi password from the Ubuntu Linux Terminal.

Enable Kernel Crash Dump on Ubuntu Linux

An Ubuntu Linux Kernel Crash Dump service lets you configure your system to dump whatever is in RAM (memory) to disk. This will happen when the execution of the Linux kernel is halted or crashed.

Update Timezone DB in Linux

Update Timezone DB in Linux. The Time Zone Database is often called tz or zoneinfo. Sometimes database of the timezone in Linux hast wrong or after any changes in timezone, you must manually update the timezone DB, or update the tzdata.

Install MariaDB 10.11 on Ubuntu 20.04

Install and Configure The latest long-term release MariaDB 10.11, which is maintained for five years, on Ubuntu 20.04. Access MariaDB shell Configure A Password-authenticated Administrative User, and do basic tasks.

Fix Error User Not in Sudoer File on Ubuntu

When you want to run Linux Commands with sudo privileges on your Ubuntu server, you may get this error that said User Not in Sudoer File. This will happen when the sudo user is not in the sudo group on your Ubuntu server. You can follow the steps below to fix it.

How To Upgrade Linux Kernel to the Latest on Ubuntu 20.04

If you plan to update your Linux Kernel on Ubuntu 20.04 to the latest release, you can follow this guide to see how to do it.

Set up OpenJDK 17 on Ubuntu 20.04

Steps To Install OpenJDK 17 on Ubuntu 20.04. - Install Java Development Kit 17 on Ubuntu 20.04 - Configure Java Environment Path on Ubuntu 20.04 - Install Java 17 From Apt Repository - Test Java 17 Installation on Ubuntu 20.04

How To Install Cloudron on Ubuntu 20.04

Steps To Install Cloudron on Ubuntu 20.04. It has an easily installation step just by downloading and installing an installer script.

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