SMTP Setup on Windows Server 2022

This guide intends to show you SMTP Server Installation and Configuration Setup on Windows Server 2022. SMTP server stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server. It is an essential component in the process of sending and receiving emails. It acts as a postal service for email communications. When you send an email, your email client interacts with the SMTP server to handle the outgoing mail.

Now you can follow the steps below to enable and configure SMTP through IIS on Windows Server 2022.

A Comprehensive Guide For SMTP Server Setup on Windows Server 2022

Before you start the SMTP server setup, you need to access your Windows Server as a user with admin privileges or as an administrator.

Then, you need to enable IIS on Windows Server 2022. To do this, you can check this guide on Install IIS on Windows Server 2022.

Now follow the steps below to complete this guide.

Step 1 – Install SMTP Server Tools on Windows Server 2022

Like IIS setup, open the Server Manager and click next to get through the Select Features screen. From there, click on SMTP Server.

Select SMTP Server From Server Manager

It will open a pop-up window. From there Add the Required Features.

Add SMTP Required Features

Then, click Next to continue.

Enable SMTP on Windows Server 2022

Review the package details and click Install. Make sure that the Restart the destination server automatically if required option is checked.

Start SMTP Server Installation Process

Wait until your installation is completed. Then, click Close.

Close SMTP server Installation wizard

Step 2 – Configure SMPT on Windows Server 2022

At this point, from your server manager, you need to open the IIS 6.0 Manager. To do this, select the Tools tab, and open Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager.

Open IIS 6.0 Manager

From your IIS 6.0 Manager dashboard, you need to expand your computer, right-click on SMTP Virtual Server #1, and select properties.

SMTP Virtual Server #1 Properties

Then, click on the Access tab and select Relay.

Relay restrictions with SMTP server

Next, click on Add which is used to set which computer is allowed to relay emails through the SMTP server.

Allowed computers to relay emails through SMTP server

As you can see, you can add a single, group of computers or domain. In this guide, we enter to allow the local host to relay emails through the SMTP server. Click OK.

Add your computers to SMTP server

To apply the changes, right-click [SMTP Virtual Server #1], select Stop, and then select Start.

Restart SMTP on Windows Server 2022

Step 3 – Test SMTP Server with Telnet

At this point, you can test your SMTP server setup by using Telnet. To do this, run the PowerShell as an administrator. Then, run the following command:

telnet localhost 25

Now start the communication SMTP server:

EHLO server
Test SMTP Server with Telnet Windows server 2022

Then, you can use the following syntax for Email sender and recipient:



Next, enter the following command to start writing your email:


Add your subject:

Subject: Test Message

Press Enter twice to move on to the email body. Type in the message body and press Enter to finish.

Finally, send the email by entering a (.) and pressing Enter.

Now check the recipient’s inbox to see if the email was delivered.


The SMTP server is essential for email communication over the Internet. It ensures that emails are correctly sent from one user to another, handling millions of email transfers daily with efficiency and reliability. Hope you enjoy this guide on SMTP Setup on Windows Server 2022. If you need any help, please comment for us.

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