Master the VideoMeld Editor Review, Download, and Install

This guide intends to discuss VideoMeld Editor Review, Download, and Install it on Windows. VideoMeld is a multitrack video and audio editor software. You can easily mix audio and video files into one file and edit your videos as needed. In this guide, we try to introduce VideoMeld software and its features and start to download and install it on Windows.

VideoMeld Editor Review, Download, and Install on Windows

Now follow the steps below to look deeper at VideoMeld editor and get familiar with its features. Also, we show you how to download and install the free version on Windows.

VideoMeld Editor Review Software

This software is a complete, high-quality, popular multitrack video and audio editor. With VideoMeld, you can easily edit and mix your video and audio files, create your presentations, record songs, and many more things. One thing that makes it a good choice for Video and Audio editing is that it is easy to use and user-friendly.

Also, you can easily try it for free in the evaluation version and verify it that is suitable for your tasks. Then, you can purchase it as a fully featured version.

GoldWave Inc is the developer of VideoMeld and the last update was published on 23 NOV 2023.

VideoMeld Software Features

As we said, the VideoMeld editor has many amazing features that make it a good option for video and audio mixing and editing. The features included:

VideoMeld Software Features
Easy To Use
Multitrack Audio and Video
Full HD 1920×1080
7.1 Surround Sound
Dynamic Effects
50+ Video Effects
Video Transitions
Scrolling Titles & Captions
Zooming, Panning, Cropping
Color, Tint, Transparency
Copy & Paste Sublayers
Blue/Green Screen
Slow & Fast Motion
Audio Effects
Drag-And-Drop Editing
Drag-And-Drop Effects
Non-Destructive Editing
Multiple Undo/Redo
Multiprocessor Usage
Save MPEG 4 H.264
Save MP3 Audio

What can we do with VideoMeld Editor?

With VideoMeld editor you can easily do many tasks including:

  • Mix the number of your video, audio, and images into one file.
  • Simply edit, trim, and crop your videos.
  • Also, you can add many effects and transactions.
  • Create amazing presentations and tutorials.
  • And Many more options that we said in the feature list.

Download and Install VideoMeld on Windows

As we said, the developer company of VideoMeld is GoldWave Inc. The official GoldWave company provides both free and full versions of VideoMeld that you can download or purchase. In this guide, we will download the free evaluation version and install it on our Windows client machine.

To download videoMeld, visit the official GoldWave website and download the latest free version.

Note: Your Windows version must be Windows 7 and later. In this guide, we download it on Windows 11. Also, depending on your Windows OS, you can choose 64 or 32-bit. The latest version requires a 64-bit version.

Download VideoMeld Windows

Once your download is completed, open the file. You will see the VideoMeld Installer. Click on Next.

VideoMeld Windows Installer Setup

Then, choose the installation directory and click Finish.

VideoMeld installation directory

When your installation is completed, click OK.

Finish VideoMeld installation

Finally, you will see your VideoMeld dashboard. From there you can make new projects and start editing and mixing your files.

VideoMeld Editor Software

If you want a full-featured version, you can easily purchase it from the official website.


At this point, you have learned VideoMeld Editor Review, Software features, and usage, download it for free on Windows and simply install this amazing software on your system. One of the best features of VideoMeld is that it is user-friendly. You can simply download it for free and try it. If it is helpful for you, you can purchase the full-featured app.

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