How To Enable Remote Desktop on Windows

In this article, we want to teach you How to enable Remote Desktop on Windows.

Before we start to read the article. let’s see what Remote Desktop is.

What is a Remote Desktop?

Microsoft Windows Remote desktop is a technology that allows users to connect to a specific computer from a remote location as if they were sitting in front of it.

When the connection is begun, users can do a lot of tasks as if they are actually using the computer in person.

Also, they can manage apps, fix issues, and even do administrative tasks.

How To Enable Remote Desktop on Windows

To allow remote access to your computer or device you must manually enable it.

You can enable remote desktop on windows in different ways.

First, you can type remote desktop on your search bar, a list of search results appears.

Allow remote desktop


Then, click on the allow remote connections to this computer as in the image above.

Now click on the show settings to change settings to allow remote connections to this computer.

remote desktop Show setting

In this part, you need to allow remote connections to this computer as in the image below.

Also, For more security, It’s recommended to allow connections only from computers running a remote desktop with network-level authentication.

remote system properties


By default, the first user that you have created in windows client installation like Windows 10, Windows 8 or etc, and the Administrator in the windows server has access to this. if you want to add more users or groups you need to click on the select users and add them.

Remote add users

Note: If you have too many users that you want to add to access remote connections, you can create a group and add the members to that group. after that you can add the group to the remote desktop users. each time you want to add another user you just need to add a user to that group.

Another way to enable RDP on windows is using the Win+R key and then type “sysdm.cpl”. Then you can access the remote system properties like the steps above.

access remote


At this point, you learn what Remote Desktop is and you can enable it on windows in different ways. in future articles, you will learn more about connecting remotely to another computer on the network.

Hope you enjoy this article about How to Enable Remote Desktop on windows.


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