How To Set up WordPress on Windows Server 2019

In this article, we want to teach you How To Set up or Install WordPress on Windows Server 2019.

WordPress is an application that allows you to easily build websites and publish content online.

The software is released under the GNU Public License, which means it is free to download and free to use.

Steps To Set up WordPress on Windows Server 2019

To install WordPress on your Windows Server, you need to enable IIS on your system. To do this, you can follow our article Set up IIS on Windows Server 2019.

Now you can follow the steps below to install WordPress on Windows Server 2019.

Note: you can use this guide for Windows Server 2016 too.

Install WordPress on Windows Server

First, you need to download the Web Platform Installer from the IIS Downloads Page.

Download Web Platform Installer

When you visit the page, click on the Install this extension button.

Then, click on your downloaded file and install the Web Platform Installer on your Windows Server 2019.

Server Manager

Now open the server manager app and from the Tools menu open the IIS.

open IIS manager on Windows server 2019

On the IIS manager window, you need to click on the Get New Web Platform Components.

web platform components

At this point, you need to search for the WordPress app and click on the Add button.

Add WordPress from web platform installer on Windows server

Then, click on the install button. You will see the prerequisites for the installation of WordPress on Windows Server 2019. You need to set a MySQL root password and click on the continue button. And be sure to check the box next to the save my password.

WordPress requirements on Windows Server

Next, you need to accept the prerequisites for installation.

Accept WordPress requirements for installation on Windows Server

Then, your WordPress installation on Windows Server 2019 is getting started.

When your installation is completed, you will get into the configure section for WordPress.

You need to select an application name that hosts the WordPress site and click on the continue button.

Configure WordPress on Windows Server

At this point, you need to set some unique phrases that make stronger the security of your WordPress site and click on the continue button.

Note: You should not use the symbols (‘), ($), and (\) in these codes.

You can use Online Key Generator to generate these codes.

Note: In these codes, there is also a $ sign that you must replace with another character!

WordPress configuration on Windows server

WordPress is now installed on your Windows Server. In the password settings section click on the copy to clipboard and paste it in notepad.

finish WordPress installation on Windows server

Access WordPress

Finally, you need to configure some basic settings for WordPress so that you can log in to the administrator panel. From the previous step click on Launch WordPress.

Select your desired language and click on the continue button.

WordPress language selection on Windows Server

In the WordPress welcome screen, you need to provide your site information and click on the Install WordPress button.

Make sure to choose a strong password.

WordPress main setup

After that, you will see the following screen and click on the log-in button to see your WordPress dashboard.

log in to WordPress

You will see your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress dashboard


At this point, you learn to Set up WordPress on Windows Server 2019.

Hope you enjoy using it.

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