Introduction To Umbrel OS and Features

This tutorial intends to Discuss on Introduction To Umbrel OS and its Features. Umbrel is a personal home server and OS for self-hosting. It provides everything that is needed for self-hosting different applications and services such as a Bitcoin Node.

You can easily use a personal home server that is designed to run the hardware that you control instead of in a large data center or cloud. Umbrel is a great example of a personal home server. Now you can follow the rest of the article to get familiar with this amazing OS.

Introduction To Umbrel OS and Its Features

Umbrel is a personal home server and OS for self-hosting. Let’s get in-depth to know more about this OS and its features.

What is Umbrel OS?

Umbrel is a beautiful operating system that has a great services dashboard and Web GUI. It is a good option for those who are looking for self-hosting. Also, it enables you to install Web services in a one-click installation.

Umbrel OS lets you store your files, run your personal Bitcoin node, automate your home, etc. You can easily connect your Umbrel OS to your network and access it through your web browser.

Umbrel OS

Now let’s get familiar with its features.

Umbrel OS Features Review

At this point, you can follow the steps below and review the Umbrel OS features. As we said, it comes with amazing features including:

  • One-Click OS Update: With a single click, you can easily update your OS.
  • App Permissions and Dependencies: You can easily see which apps require access before installing.
  • App Authentication: You can use the Umbrel password to protect all apps. It will add 2FA for an extra layer of protection.
  • Monitor Everything: Also, you can monitor your system such as RAM, storage, and CPU temp.
  • App Updates in Realtime: From the Umbrel App Store, you can easily update all the apps.
  • Available For Free and Open-Source: Umbrel OS is available for free and open-source. You can easily get the source code on GitHub.

Also, Umbrel OS is a great place for storing and sharing your php, files, and videos. For example, you can use Nextcloud and Immich to self-host your data.

It has an incredible app called Vaultwarden to store your password in an encrypted vault.

Also, you can use AI in your home in Umbrel OS. Another feature is that you can use streaming apps such as Plex, Jellyfin, and Sonarr.

Umbrel OS Bitcoin Node Features

One of the best self-hosting services in Umbrel OS is the Bitcoin node. With a click, you can easily run your personal Bitcoin and lightning network node. In this section, you can connect your Bitcoin and Lightning wallets directly to your node. You can even run personal blockchain explorers such as mempool.

Umbrel OS Bitcoin Node

Umbrel OS App Store

Umbrel OS provides you with an entire App Store that includes hundreds of self-hosted apps. You can easily search and find your desired apps and get them with a click.

Umbrel OS App Store

Umbrel OS – Easy Installation and Setup

You can easily install and run Umbrel OS anywhere you want. One of them is Raspberry Pi 4. You can easily run this OS on Raspberry with a few clicks.

Also, you can run Umbrel OS on anything that runs Linux with an installer script.

curl -L | bash

To completely run and access UmbrelOS, you can check Run Umbrel OS on Ubuntu and Debian Linux.

Security and Privacy in Umbrel OS

You may have a question is it safe to use Umbrel OS? Umbrel OS provides amazing privacy options. Your data will be stored in a safe on your home server, and remain in your hands, and you have full access and control over it.

Also, you can access your server by using the Tor network. Umbrel OS has a built-in functionality for the Tor network by default.


At this point, you become familiar with the Introduction To Umbrel OS and its Features. It is a great personal home server and sel-hosting OS. You can get advantages from this OS by using the amazing features it provides including Bitcoin Node, App Store, and user-friendly GUI. Hope you enjoy it.

Stay in touch for future articles to get more Umbrel OS articles and guides.

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